Thoughts on the Zoom H1 Audio Recorder

So I recently picked up a new Zoom H1 audio recorder. The first purpose of the unit was to serve as an audio recorder for my vlogging videos. I needed something better than in-camera microphones. After reading many reviews on many different audio recorders, I was set on the Zoom H1. I’m pretty happy with it so far. Controls are easy, it’s ready to record right out of the box, and it only takes 1 AA to run (aprox. 10 hours).

While not as hefty has the H4n, it definitely still packs a punch. And it’s only $99!
I can agree with most of the reviews in terms of fantastic output, but less than stellar build quality. It feels light and cheap when held, and unfortunately the threads int he back to mount to a shoe or tripod, are plastic. If you’re hardcore rugged, this may not be the unit for you. However, if you take care of your stuff and want some killer audio for not a lot of green, make sure you give it a once-over.

Check it out. Zoom H1 on Amazon –

Zoom H1 Recorder

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