Testing out the EF75-300mm lens

So my fiance’s amazing sister let me borrow her EF75-300mm lens for a while. Since I got my T2i, the only lens I have had is the 18-55 IS kit lens. It’s great for an all around lens, but definitely not for telephoto stuff. I sure am having fun with the 75-300mm, but I quickly realized how much I miss IS (image stabilization) from the lens. When you’re rocking the 300mm side of the lens, the slightest shake will rock your world and the footage becomes very unstable.It’s not really a concern if it’s bright and sunny out and you’re only doing photos… but even then, you might get some softness as it is only f/4-5.6. Overall, I’d say it’s still a lens I want to eventually add to my collection. I also have plans to pick up the nifty fifty soon ( the 50mm prime 1.8). I was really wanting the USM f1.4… but I need to walk before I run.

Enjoy this little piece I put together on the first day of testing out the lens.


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