Exploring West Bottoms in Kansas City

Today I took the R6 out and went exploring down in the West Bottoms in Kansas City. While I probably wouldn’t want to be there too long at night…. during the day, it’s phenomenal. The place has such history to it, and a lot of it is in a serious state of decay and is either abandoned, or used for storage (I’m guessing)

Here are some quick pics I snapped embracing both nature and industrial.


I recorded over 6GBs of footage in and around the West Bottoms area. The highlight of today’s trip? When I was leaving a very back-40 area and a woman staggered into the road ahead of me. Turns out she was a crack-head and liked my bike. I had stopped to see if she was okay since it was bloody hot outside. I scurried out of there as soon as I could. Here’s a bonus pick for you…. definitely a 10.. right?

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